Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hurrah! It’s Butlins

A slightly different badge for today's offering. This is a generic multi camp badge, maker unknown. Its a nice simple bit of advertising but unfortunately I know virtually nothing about it!DSCF1001 I’m guessing it was either a promotional item or something available to buy? Maybe a visitor can enlighten me?DSCF1002


Some very helpful input from a reader Skegness Magazine:

Before Butlins opened his Skegness Camp (Ingoldmells) in 1936, he had an amusement park on the central foreshore in Skegness. This was opened in 1930. Strangely enough, the signage to the amusement part had the words "Hurrah! It's Butlins". It's not very clear, but here's a picture of it http://skegnessvideo.com/photos/displayimage.php?...
This gets me wondering if this badge is connected to this early amusement park, pre-dating the holiday camps? The Butlins slogan changed, did it not, when the camps opened? As I said, I'm no expert - just something to ponder...

amusementcentre Here is that image, and yes it does indeed say Hurrah, It’s Butlins. I believe the later slogan was Holidays are Jollydays.