Friday, 15 August 2014

Filey 1945

I have done it, picking up what has to be my most expensive single purchase (£35) I have finally managed to plug the 1945 Filey urge. Its is an unusual badge in several ways. 1945 was the opening year for Filey which had be semi completed whren war broke out. Used as an RAF base the camp was completed and repurchased by Butlins at a knock down price and was the only camp to manage to open in 1945. Skegness remaining in Navy hands and Clacton being unfit for use.

The theme of the badge is obvious with a nice bold V for victory. Rather unusually the rear has no makers name but rather is inscribe with the phrase “Holidays are Jollidays. Very pleased with this one, after all they wont be making any more!


One final thing, no the dates on the blog are not wrong. There has been over a two year gap between posts for the simple reason that I haven't collected any badges in that period.