Saturday, 2 May 2009

Ayr 1947 (Replica) and how to spot fakes and replicas

My next badge is an Ayr 1947, it features an excellently portrayed dancing thistle on a tartan background and is in fantastic condition.

far too good condition There is no makers mark on the rear and the pin is in great condition. Surprisingly great. In fact something isn’t quite right…

odd pin Yes this badge is what is diplomatically called “a replica” whether a deliberate fake or a reissue by Butlins I'm not sure  but I suspect the latter.

How do I know it is a replica?

A lot of replicas are helpfully stamped as such on the rear but as you can see from the images, no such help her. However there are several things that make it obvious.

It has a clear acrylic cover over the enamelled surface, this never happed to badges of true vintage this is the cause of the strange reflection on picture 1. Additionally the pin is a rotational clip pin. Originals were far simpler.

hmmmm The good news is rather than being a deliberate fake this is a true replica and still collectable, the bad news is that the closest this badge has been to 1947  is in the writing on the front.

On the subject of true fakes, the badges to beware of are the concessionary badges. These are rare and often fetch a higher price then the enamelled badges and are generally an un-enamelled version of that years badge. The unscrupulous can therefore make a reasonable fake by removing the enamel from a genuine badge and thus upping the value.