Friday, 8 May 2009

Bognor 1960 and Replica 1960

Hers a quick comparison for you, all of my badges have been bought from eBay as it is a brilliant resource for these at at the moment It certainly fills all my meagre needs (this may change if i ever get more discerning.)

Here is a very bad eBay style picture of two badges. One is real and one is replica. Normally you don't get to compare the two side by side but I’m feeling generous today.DSCF1001

Which is a genuine 49 year old badge, which is a more recent replica? In this case the badge is very common so price differences are not that huge, however some badges are very rare indeed and buying a replica when you are after the real thing may be a very costly mistake.

As I am feeling generous here is a better picture.

DSCF1002 Any the wiser?

Time to talk about the badges anyway. This is a fantastic little design, the 1st pennant reflects that this was the opening year for Bognor which has had some very nice designs over its 7 year badge issuing period. The original was made by W. Reeves of Birmingham and the replica is stamped replica on the rear. The job of spotting it is made harder by the fact that there is no acrylic skim on this issue so cosmetically it is very similar to the real thing.

Ok here's the answer. Or rather here's how to work it out. The original is likely to show more wear to to metal and will not look quite as symmetrical or perfect as the replica. The original badges were more often silver in colour. The real test is the rear. The real badge will have a pin with two points of joining, the replica will have a single piece pin mechanism normally of a safety type. The real giveaway is the big REPLICA stamped on the back of course. Sadly few ebayers thing to photograph the back of a badge but if it doesn't state replica in the auction you may have a recourse to return or complain.

If you bought the badge on the left congratulations…its a replica.